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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Bowman Cases - Worth Investing In For Flipping Purposes?

Prospecting Log - 2nd Entry

Recently, the sell sheets and preliminary checklists for 2011 Bowman Baseball released to the public.

Obviously, Bryce Harper's autograph will highlight the product.

However, many have said the overall prospect crop isn't on the same level as last year's, which was highlighted by Strasburg's Auto, as well as both Harper USA base Bowman Chromes and prospect/rookie autographs of guys such as Heyward, Castro, Ackley, Jackson, Rizzo, Myers, Teheran and Perez.

This year's offering includes autographs of Chapman, Freeman, Drabek, Morel, Alonso, Sale, Belt, Allie, Cosart, Profar and Britton. In addition, unlike last year's Bowman, the 16U, 18U and Collegiate teams will be represented here (again) as manufactured logo patches, #d to 25 made per player.

Last year, I invested in a jumbo case and eventually flipped it sealed for a profit, during the time in which Strasburg's autograph was increasing in value on an almost-daily basis, as prospectors salivated after each of his minor league starts en route to his eventual ML debut.

This year, we have just as much hype riding on Harper's coattails. However, he is clearly much further away from making his Major League debut, and thus, it will take more time for his first autograph in his Nats jersey to realize its' peak.

Which leads me to my question - Assuming you can find them at reasonable levels (say, SRP or less), which of you would buy hobby/jumbo cases purely to flip at a later date, and do you think the ROI could conceivably compare to last year's Bowman?

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  1. Jumbo as long as you get the same amount of autos as last year... I don't think there will ever be a product that has the same ROI as last year... It was just a perfect storm in 2010...