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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Midseason Top 50 Prospects List

Greetings, fellow prospectors.

As we are now midway through the minor league season, I figured I'd do a Top 50 prospects list. This list takes into account both a prospect's performance and his general future potential.

To make this list, a prospect must have fewer than 130 ABs and 50 innings pitched in the Majors.

2011 Draft Picks are not included.

1. Bryce Harper (Nationals
2. Mike Trout (Angels)
3. Julio Teheran (Braves)
4. Matt Moore (Rays)
5. Shelby Miller (Cardinals)
6. Manny Machado (Orioles)
7. Jameson Taillon (Pirates)
8. Robbie Erlin (Rangers)
9. Jesus Montero (Yankees)
10. Carlos Martinez (Cardinals)
11. Jurickson Profar (Rangers)
12. Jacob Turner (Tigers)
13. Brett Lawrie (Blue Jays)
14. Brandon Belt (Giants)
15. Tyler Skaggs (Diamondbacks)
16. Drew Hutchison (Blue Jays)
17. Manny Banuelos (Yankees)
18. Taijuan Walker (Mariners)
19. Matt Harvey (Mets)
20. David Holmberg (Diamondbacks)
21. Anthony Ranaudo (Red Sox)
22. Brad Peacock (Nationals)
23. Lonnie Chisenhall (Indians)
24. Dellin Betances (Yankees)
25. Neil Ramirez (Rangers)
26. Paul Goldschmidt (Diamondbacks)
27. Desmond Jennings (Rays)
28. Gary Sanchez (Yankees)
29. Wil Myers (Royals)
30. Nick Castellanos (Tigers)
31. Mike Moustakas (Royals)
32. Leonys Martin (Rangers)
33. Jarrod Parker (Diamondbacks)
34. Martin Perez (Rangers)
35. Zack Wheeler (Giants)
36. Jake Marisnick (Blue Jays)
37. Jonathan Singleton (Phillies)
38. Michael Choice (A's)
39. Kyle Gibson (Twins)
40. Jedd Gyorko (Padres)
41. Tyler Thornburg (Brewers)
42. Jarred Cosart (Phillies)
43. Nick Franklin (Mariners)
44. Miguel Sano (Twins)
45. Hak-Ju Lee (Rays)
46. Nolan Arenado (Rockies)
47. Trevor May (Phillies)
48. Tim Wheeler (Rockies)
49. Devin Mesoraco (Reds)
50. Tim Beckham (Rays)

Just Missed - Brett Jackson, Chris Sale, Jeurys Familia

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Fantasy Checklist For 2011 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects

Greetings, fellow prospectors.

It's never too early to start saving your pennies for what is certain to be the best baseball product of the year - 2011 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects.

The overall crop rivals the class of 2005, according to many.

So, what will this product's checklist look like? We will likely have to wait another few months to find out, but in what I consider to be the absolute best case scenario, below is what my version would look like. You'll notice I (deliberately) left Gerrit Cole out of the Bowman Chrome Autograph checklist, but gave him both an AFLAC Autographed insert and a base prospect card instead. This is because Topps likes to save the #1 draft pick for the headliner in the following year's Bowman products.

So, what do you all think? Did I leave out anyone significant? Comments welcome and encouraged. (Remember, this is NOT REAL!)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thoughts on the 2011 Bowman Chrome Sell Sheets & Preliminary Checklists

Greetings, fellow prospectors.

In case you hadn't yet seen them, the solicitation information for 2011 Bowman Chrome has been released to the public. Here are links to the sell sheets and checklists:

I was glad to see that several of the prospects I'd hoped would finally have their first Bowman Chrome cards are on here. However, there are others who I know would be popular to sell and collect that still have yet to appear in Bowman Chrome as autographs (or in some cases, even a base card). They are:

1) Matt Moore (Rays). He had a Bowman Chrome base card two years ago, but this kid would have been a definite boon to this product as an autograph. He led the minors in strikeouts two years in a row. I'm starting to see a pattern here with popular Rays prospects. In 2006, Jeremy Hellickson got a base card, but it took five whole years for him to get an autograph in Bowman Chrome. Likewise in 2007, Desmond Jennings had been given the same treatment. What's even more perplexing is that Moore shares a dual autograph with Royals' prospect Mike Montgomery in Topps Pro Debut, so clearly Topps has signed him to a contract. What gives here?

2) Eric Hosmer (Royals). If you saw this 2011 Bowman Chrome autograph checklist, you would have noticed several players in it who were formerly exclusive to Razor for three years, back in 2008. Case in point - Brett Lawrie, Jordan Lyles, Aaron Hicks, Ethan Martin and Reese Havens. So, I can only assume Hosmer is not yet under contract to Topps. If not, that's just a silly mistake, bottom line.

3) Casey Kelly (Padres). Another former Razor prospect, he is the top pitcher in their system, and should have been included in some capacity.

4) Carlos Martinez (Cardinals). Topps did include a Carlos Martinez in this checklist, but the wrong one (they chose 27 year old from the Nationals' system). The right Martinez is a fireballer in the Cardinals' system, and arguably the top international prospect at this time.

5) Jonathan Singleton (Phillies). Topps gave him autographs in both Bowman Platinum and Bowman Sterling last year, so why, pray tell, is he yet to have one in here? Go figure that one out and get back to me.

6) Yorman Rodriguez (Reds). Topps continues to perplex us. He had a retail-exclusive autograph in 2011 Bowman, so where is he here?

7) Pat Corbin (Diamondbacks). Another one who had an autograph in Bowman Platinum, but nothing since. One of AZ's best pitchers, he deserved to be included.

Honorable mentions - Jacob Petricka (White Sox), Matt Szczur (Cubs), Xander Bogearts (Red Sox), Garrett Richards (Angels)

Now that's out of the way, let me give the pros and cons of the product itself.


1) I would give the prospect autograph set itself pretty high marks on the whole, although it's about 7-10 players too large. Save the large autograph checklist for Bowman Draft Picks. I'm hoping there won't be any redemptions, but we all know that's impossible. After all, the release date is only four months from now, so who has time, anyway? Highlights include Harper, Thon, Eovaldi, Lollis, Gould, Heredia, Sampson, Colome, Lyles, Colvin, McNutt, Ranaudo, Cole, Ranaudo, Banuelos, Hicks, Marte, Turner and Lawrie. That's about half of the entire checklist that should sell well, so that's a fairly good sign. We're assuming some of the green MLB rookies will have autographs as well, but this time Topps didn't clue us in who they would be. For all prospectors' sakes, I sincerely hope Michael Pineda will be one.

2) I was wishing Topps wouldn't crank up the presses like they did with 2011 Bowman, and if the serialization is any indication, it seems as though I got my wish. Prospect refractors numbered to 500 and prospect blue refractors numbered to 150 are good things. Naturally Topps won't clue us in how many veteran refractors were produced (they never have, to date), but I'm reasonably confident this means they aren't going overboard.

3) I like the concept of the 10th anniversary 2001 Bowman Chrome reprints. However, whoever came up with the names of their parallels (Microfractors, Fusionfractors, Futurefractors) should be beaten severely. It would have been nice to have seen a sneek peak of what they will look like, though.

4) The USA 18U autographs. Always been a fan of these. I'm fairly certain they'll be stickers, though (they were last year). Here's hoping for a strong crop. I also like the redemptions for a complete set of 18U cards, especially the parallels. While they won't be as desired as the autographs, it's a nice addition this year.

5) The Base prospect set is much stronger than last year's Bowman Chrome. While I don't intend to give away the major players, if you Google these names you'll find some definite potential here. Pay special attention to the last 30 names (191-220).


1) Reptetition, repetition, repetition. I don't have enough time (nor the drive) to list all the players who have had previous cards in Bowman Chrome (as well as Bowman and Bowman Draft Picks), but it's startling. In addition, both Luke Jackson (BCP124 and BCP219) and Randall Delgado (BCP203 and BCP220) have TWO base cards each in here. I certainly hope Topps corrects these errors in particular, but there are other major names (Arcia and Banuelos) as well as minor ones, who have worn out their welcome by appearing in previous Bowman products, and won't add to the popularity by being in here as well.

2) Why bring back the Bowman's Best insert set? And to give Harper another card (green background this time) seems like overkill, no matter how big of a seller he is. Was it popular in Bowman? Sure. But you can't seriously tell me people were clamoring for it to return here, because I won't believe you.

3) I didn't get it in 2005 Bowman Draft Picks, and I don't get it here. Why make a second 1 of 1 parallel set with the Canary Diamonds in addition to the Superfractors? And not to include it in the autograph set as well makes even less sense. This parallel might be popular in other Topps products, but I don't understand their significance in this one.

Overall, this product is a step up from 2011 Bowman's somewhat substandard checklist, and I do hope they don't crank the presses this time around. Not to mention I'm hoping Bryce Harper's 1st Bowman Chrome Autographs will NOT be redemptions, as his retail-inserted Bowman Autographs were. Keep in mind, folks, this information is all subject to change, and Topps has more than enough time to either improve the product, or screw it up.

Overall grade = B+.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Suggestion List For 2011 Bowman Chrome Baseball

Greetings, fellow prospectors.

Below is a suggestion list of prospects for 2011 Bowman Chrome baseball, which I will be sending to Topps in the (unlikely) hope they'll use some of them.

As far as I know, none of these players have had previous Bowman Chrome cards, but if any have, please let me know so that I can erase them from the list.

In addition, if you have any further suggestions for this list, let me know. I'm mainly looking for the younger guys, if possible (21 or younger).



AZ Diamondbacks

Tyler Skaggs
Chris Owings
Pat Corbin
Ty Linton
Tyler Green
Raul Navarro
Ronny Mejias

ATL Braves

Brandon Beachy
Carlos Perez
Christian Bethancourt
Tyler Pastornicky
Edward Salcedo
Dimasther Delgado
Todd Cunningham
Elmer Reyes

BAL Orioles

Ryan Berry
Parker Bridwell
Bobby Bundy
Connor Narron

BOS Red Sox

Anthony Ranaudo
Garin Cecchini
Xander Bogaerts
Brandon Workman
Madison Younginer
Brandon Jacobs
Miguel Celestino
Ryan Westmoreland
Che-Hsuan Lin
Jose Vinicio

CHI Cubs

Trey McNutt
Matt Szczur
Robinson Lopez
Reggie Golden
Ben Wells
Aaron Kurcz
Junior Lake
Alberto Cabrera
Chris Carpenter
James Russell

CHI White Sox

Jacob Petricka
Mike Blanke
Tyler Saladino

CIN Reds

Yonder Alonso
Yorman Rodriguez
Drew Cisco
Daniel Corcino
Ismael Guillon
Junior Arias
Didi Gregorius
Ronald Torreyes
Henry Rodriguez
Jonathan Correa
Juan Duran

CLE Indians

Levon Washington
Alex Lavisky
Felix Sterling
Luigi Rodriguez
Tyler Holt
Giovanny Urshela

COL Rockies

Kyle Parker
Rosell Herrera
Albert Campos
Will Swanner
Corey Dickerson

DET Tigers

Jacob Turner
Nick Castellanos
Francisco Martinez
Drew Smyly
Bruce Rondon
Rob Brantly
Danry Vasquez
Dixon Machado
Kyle Ryan
Cole Nelson
Andy Dirks

FL Marlins

Kyle Skipworth
J.T. Realmuto
Noah Perio

HOU Astros

Jordan Lyles
Ariel Ovando
R.J. Alaniz
Ross Seaton
Zach Grimmett
Austin Wates

KC Royals

Eric Hosmer
Chris Dwyer
Aaron Crow
Brett Eibner
Jason Adam
Yordano Ventura
Tim Melville
Cheslor Cuthbert
Robinson Yambati
Humberto Arteaga
Orlando Calixte

LA Angels

Garrett Richards
Fabio Martinez-Mesa
Cam Bedrosian
Daniel Tillman
Orangel Arenas
Jeremy Moore
Travis Witherspoon

LA Dodgers

Rubby de la Rosa
Ethan Martin
James Baldwin
Garrett Gould
Ralston Cash
Jonathan Garcia
Scott Schlebler
Joc Pederson
Derek Cone

MIL Brewers

Jimmy Nelson
Matt Miller
Yadiel Rivera
Cameron Garfield
Tyler Roberts
Nick Bucci
Maverick Lasker
Hunter Morris

MN Twins

Aaron Hicks
Jorge Polanco
Daniel Santana

NY Mets

Cesar Puello
Aderlin Rodriguez
Cory Vaughn
Kyle Allen

NY Yankees

Jose Ramirez
Angelo Gumbs
Tommy Kahnle


Jemile Weeks
Aaron Shipman
Renato Nunez
Chad Lewis

PHI Phillies

Jonathan Singleton
Brody Colvin
Jiwan James
Aaron Altherr
Jon Pettibone
Cesar Hernandez
Julio Rodriguez
Kelly Dugan
Kevin Walter

PIT Pirates

Starling Marte
Luis Heredia
Zack Von Rosenberg
Colton Cain
Zack Dodson
Mel Rojas Jr.

STL Cardinals

Carlos Martinez
Jordan Swagerty
John Gast
Oscar Taveras
Matt Carpenter

SD Padres

Casey Kelly
Matt Lollis
Juan Oramas
Jose DePaula
Keyvius Sampson
Adys Portillo
Johnny Barbato

SF Giants

Tommy Joseph
Rafael Rodriguez
Jarrett Parker
Jose Casilla
Chuckie Jones
Heath Hembree
Jorge Bucardo
Ydwin Villegas

SEA Mariners

Guillermo Pimentel
Ramon Morla
Carlos Triunfel
Esteilon Peguero
Phillips Castillo
Jordan Shipers
Erasmo Ramirez
Johermyn Chavez

TB Rays

Jake Thompson
Enny Romero
Tim Beckham
Luke Bailey
Yoel Araujo
Todd Glaesmann
Wilking Rodriguez
Kevin Kiermaier
Hector Guevara

TX Rangers

Tanner Scheppers
Luis Sardinas
David Perez
Christian Villanueva
Roman Mendez
Leury Garcia
Jorge Alfaro
Robbie Ross
Luke Jackson
Joe Wieland
Fabio Castillo
Barret Loux
Jared Hoying
Cody Buckel
Josh Richmond

TOR Blue Jays

Brett Lawrie
Carlos Perez
Jake Marisnick
Griffin Murphy
Dickie Joe Thon
Henderon Alvarez
Kellen Sweeney
Justin Nicolino
K.C. Hobson
Drew Hutchison
Chris Hawkins
Gabriel Cenas
Gustavo Pierre

WAS Nationals

A.J. Cole
Sammy Solis
Destin Hood
Robbie Ray
Adrian Sanchez

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My 2011 Top 125 Prospects List

Once a year, I like to compile my own top prospects list for the forthcoming year. To be eligible for this list, a prospect must be eligible to win that year's ROY award.

Disclaimer: I have not personally seen any of these players in action, but I have read numerous scouting reports on them, as well as videos. This list consists of my own opinions, nothing more.

J.P.’s Top 125 Prospects List For 2011
  1. Bryce Harper (Nationals)
  2. Mike Trout (Angels)
  3. Domonic Brown (Phillies)
  4. Julio Teheran (Braves)
  5. Jeremy Hellickson (Rays)
  6. Jesus Montero (Yankees)
  7. Aroldis Chapman (Reds)
  8. Eric Hosmer (Royals)
  9. Wil Myers (Royals)
  10. Shelby Miller (Cardinals)
  11. Jameson Taillon (Pirates)
  12. Dustin Ackley (Mariners)
  13. Mike Moustakas (Royals)
  14. Kyle Drabek (Blue Jays)
  15. Manny Machado (Orioles)
  16. Jacob Turner (Tigers)
  17. Matt Moore (Rays)
  18. Michael Pineda (Mariners)
  19. Zach Britton (Orioles)
  20. Jordan Lyles (Astros)
  21. Chris Sale (White Sox)
  22. Gary Sanchez (Yankees)
  23. Freddie Freeman (Braves)
  24. John Lamb (Royals)
  25. Jarrod Parker (Diamondbacks)
  26. Desmond Jennings (Rays)
  27. Mike Montgomery (Royals)
  28. Lonnie Chisenhall (Indians)
  29. Dee Gordon (Dodgers)
  30. Martin Perez (Rangers)
  31. Casey Kelly (Padres)
  32. Tyler Matzek (Rockies)
  33. Dellin Betances (Yankees)
  34. Kyle Gibson (Twins)
  35. Wilin Rosario (Rockies)
  36. Manny Banuelos (Yankees)
  37. Brandon Belt (Giants)
  38. Aaron Hicks (Twins)
  39. Jose Iglesias (Red Sox)
  40. Jonathan Singleton (Phillies)
  41. Chris Archer (Rays)
  42. Miguel Sano (Twins)
  43. Alex White (Indians)
  44. Wilmer Flores (Mets)
  45. Nick Franklin (Mariners)
  46. Brett Jackson (Cubs)
  47. Mike Minor (Braves)
  48. Brett Lawrie (Blue Jays)
  49. Devin Mesoraco (Reds)
  50. Jurickson Profar (Rangers)
  51. Nick Castellanos (Tigers)
  52. Anthony Rizzo (Padres)
  53. Jason Kipnis (Indians)
  54. Zack Cox (Cardinals)
  55. Travis d’Arnaud (Blue Jays)
  56. Simon Castro (Padres)
  57. Anthony Ranaudo (Red Sox)
  58. Stetson Allie (Pirates)
  59. Grant Green (A’s)
  60. Nolan Arenado (Rockies)
  61. Tyler Skaggs (Diamondbacks)
  62. Billy Hamilton (Reds)
  63. Trey McNutt (Cubs)
  64. Deck McGuire (Blue Jays)
  65. Derek Norris (Nationals)
  66. Tony Sanchez (Pirates)
  67. Brody Colvin (Phillies)
  68. Zach Lee (Dodgers)
  69. Randall Delgado (Braves)
  70. Tyler Chatwood (Angels)
  71. Drew Pomeranz (Indians)
  72. Arodys Vizcaino (Braves)
  73. Chris Carter (A’s)
  74. Cesar Puello (Mets)
  75. Jarred Cosart (Phillies)
  76. Jake Odorizzi (Royals)
  77. Zack Wheeler (Giants)
  78. Carlos Martinez (Cardinals)
  79. Matt Dominguez (Marlins)
  80. Yasmani Grandal (Reds)
  81. Tanner Scheppers (Rangers)
  82. A.J. Cole (Nationals)
  83. Christian Colon (Royals)
  84. Jean Segura (Angels)
  85. Matt Davidson (Diamondbacks)
  86. Drake Britton (Red Sox)
  87. Taijuan Walker (Mariners)
  88. Danny Duffy (Royals)
  89. Matt Harvey (Mets)
  90. Brent Morel (White Sox)
  91. Andrew Brackman (Yankees)
  92. Jake McGee (Rays)
  93. Gary Brown (Giants)
  94. Christian Friedrich (Rockies)
  95. Yonder Alonso (Reds)
  96. Craig Kimbrel (Braves)
  97. Chris Dwyer (Royals)
  98. Josh Sale (Rays)
  99. Matt Lipka (Braves)
  100. Rubby de la Rosa (Dodgers)
  101. Trevor May (Phillies)
  102. Reymond Fuentes (Padres)
  103. Chad James (Marlins)
  104. Chris Owings (Diamondbacks)
  105. Josh Reddick (Red Sox)
  106. Anthony Gose (Blue Jays)
  107. J.P. Arencibia (Blue Jays)
  108. Danny Espinosa (Nationals)
  109. Hak Ju Lee (Rays)
  110. Ben Revere (Twins)
  111. Jeremy Jeffress (Royals)
  112. Christian Yelich (Marlins)
  113. Yorman Rodriguez (Reds)
  114. Delino Deshields Jr. (Astros)
  115. Matt Szczur (Cubs)
  116. Hank Conger (Angels)
  117. Alex Torres (Rays)
  118. Chris Carpenter (Cubs)
  119. Peter Tago (Rockies)
  120. Wilson Ramos (Nationals)
  121. Alex Colome (Rays)
  122. Austin Romine (Yankees)
  123. Jonathan Villar (Astros)
  124. Joe Benson (Twins)
  125. Mark Rogers (Brewers)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My #1 Prospects Per Team and Top 30 List

Prospecting Log - 3rd Entry

Here are my current #1 prospects per team for 2011, followed by a Top 30 list of each. This takes into account all recent trades that have taken place.

I will create my own Top 100 prospects list next month.

AZ - Jarrod Parker
ATL - Julio Teheran
BAL - Manny Machado
BOS - Jose Iglesias
CHC - Brett Jackson
CHW - Chris Sale
CIN - Aroldis Chapman
CLE - Lonnie Chisenhall
COL - Tyler Matzek
DET - Jacob Turner
FLA - Chad James
HOU - Jordan Lyles
KC - Mike Moustakas
LAA - Mike Trout
LAD - Dee Gordon
MIL - Cody Scarpetta
MIN - Kyle Gibson
NYM - Jenrry Mejia
NYY - Jesus Montero
OAK - Chris Carter
PHI - Domonic Brown
PIT - Jameson Taillon
STL - Shelby Miller
SD - Casey Kelly
SF - Brandon Belt
SEA - Dustin Ackley
TB - Jeremy Hellickson
TX - Martin Perez
TOR - Kyle Drabek
WAS - Bryce Harper

Top 30 (above players only)

1) Mike Trout
2) Bryce Harper
3) Jesus Montero
4) Jeremy Hellickson
5) Julio Teheran
6) Domonic Brown
7) Aroldis Chapman
8) Dustin Ackley
9) Manny Machado
10) Jacob Turner
11) Shelby Miller
12) Jameson Taillon
13) Kyle Drabek
14) Mike Moustakas
15) Kyle Gibson
16) Tyler Matzek
17) Brandon Belt
18) Chris Sale
19) Jarrod Parker
20) Martin Perez
21) Casey Kelly
22) Jose Iglesias
23) Jordan Lyles
24) Jenrry Mejia
25) Lonnie Chisenhall
26) Dee Gordon
27) Chris Carter
28) Brett Jackson
29) Chad James
30) Cody Scarpetta

Comments/critiques welcome.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Bowman Cases - Worth Investing In For Flipping Purposes?

Prospecting Log - 2nd Entry

Recently, the sell sheets and preliminary checklists for 2011 Bowman Baseball released to the public.

Obviously, Bryce Harper's autograph will highlight the product.

However, many have said the overall prospect crop isn't on the same level as last year's, which was highlighted by Strasburg's Auto, as well as both Harper USA base Bowman Chromes and prospect/rookie autographs of guys such as Heyward, Castro, Ackley, Jackson, Rizzo, Myers, Teheran and Perez.

This year's offering includes autographs of Chapman, Freeman, Drabek, Morel, Alonso, Sale, Belt, Allie, Cosart, Profar and Britton. In addition, unlike last year's Bowman, the 16U, 18U and Collegiate teams will be represented here (again) as manufactured logo patches, #d to 25 made per player.

Last year, I invested in a jumbo case and eventually flipped it sealed for a profit, during the time in which Strasburg's autograph was increasing in value on an almost-daily basis, as prospectors salivated after each of his minor league starts en route to his eventual ML debut.

This year, we have just as much hype riding on Harper's coattails. However, he is clearly much further away from making his Major League debut, and thus, it will take more time for his first autograph in his Nats jersey to realize its' peak.

Which leads me to my question - Assuming you can find them at reasonable levels (say, SRP or less), which of you would buy hobby/jumbo cases purely to flip at a later date, and do you think the ROI could conceivably compare to last year's Bowman?